Author: Michał Nowak

Overcoming Pre-Commit Code Review Challenges

Pre-commit code review can provide some tremendous benefits: It improves quality of the final code, it helps team members to learn from each other. It also propagates knowledge about projects and best practices. But it also generates additional problems. Here’s how we dealt with them. Pre-Commit Code Review at Evojam In short – every code […]


API landscape 2015: Swagger, Hypermedia & Microservices

Joint conferences API Days and API Strategy & Practice took place during the last weekend in  Berlin. We’ve had the pleasure of spending great time with the people at the epicenter of the exploding API ecosystem. Read to learn what are the hot topics and possible implications for your apps. API explosion With the continued march of mobile platforms, accelerated by […]


Glimpse at the State of Functional Programming

Recently, our whole backend team visited Lambda Days – The Functional Programming Conference. Two days, multiple presentation tracks, lobby and pub talks gave our five agents unique glimpse into the state of the functional programming ecosystem. The conference scope covered several functional languages – Erlang, Haskell, Clojure, Lisp, OCaml – which gave us a broader context to what […]