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Gerrit based Workflow – Complete Developer’s Walkthrough

We have successfully adopted the Gerrit workflow for pre-commit code review in Evojam. We believe that this a foundation of high quality of our solutions. After two years we have worked out a complete approach for the pre-commit review with Gerrit, branching model and application provisioning. Now I have realized the there is no definite […]


React vs Angular2: The fight rages on

Google’s Angular and Facebook’s React are now most popular tools for building browser (and not only) applications. Both are great solutions. While Angular2 is still in beta it has been already tested by few Google developer teams – AdWords, GreenTea and Fiber. List of applications built with React is really long and you can find there names like Instagram, Netflix, PayPal and many more.

Brutal war is coming.


Overcoming Pre-Commit Code Review Challenges

Pre-commit code review can provide some tremendous benefits: It improves quality of the final code, it helps team members to learn from each other. It also propagates knowledge about projects and best practices. But it also generates additional problems. Here’s how we dealt with them. Pre-Commit Code Review at Evojam In short – every code […]


Contract First REST API Design – How It’s Different & What Are The Benefits

We’re mostly building web applications these days. Even standalone apps have their UI layer written as a single page app in JS and communicate with their backend using REST. Let’s explore the process of designing the REST API for such an app. First, let’s see how a single endpoint description could look like: Update a […]


Before You Build A Web App – Pre-development REST Checklist

The abundance of all the tools and resources makes building web applications seemingly effortless. The framework will handle the routing, the library will process the requests and the template engine will take care of any UI you need. This is all very convenient, but it doesn’t deal with the greatest risk of all: having your […]