Category: Software Development Process

Gerrit based Workflow – Complete Developer’s Walkthrough

We have successfully adopted the Gerrit workflow for pre-commit code review in Evojam. We believe that this a foundation of high quality of our solutions. After two years we have worked out a complete approach for the pre-commit review with Gerrit, branching model and application provisioning. Now I have realized the there is no definite […]


Keep Your Library Simple: Scala API Design Case Study

We’ve been using Play Framework with Elasticsearch and elastic4s for a while. Getting it all to work together requires some boilerplate code, though. We decided to create a small library that would make things easier in future projects. We learned some lessons about building Scala libraries along the way.


Overcoming Pre-Commit Code Review Challenges

Pre-commit code review can provide some tremendous benefits: It improves quality of the final code, it helps team members to learn from each other. It also propagates knowledge about projects and best practices. But it also generates additional problems. Here’s how we dealt with them. Pre-Commit Code Review at Evojam In short – every code […]