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Sane Single Page Apps: Easy Data Handling with DTOs

When a software collapses, it’s usually due to it being no longer maintainable because of complexity. Brian Kernighan, the creator of AWK programming language, puts it quite explicitly: “Controlling complexity is the essence of computer programming”.


Contract First REST API Design – How It’s Different & What Are The Benefits

We’re mostly building web applications these days. Even standalone apps have their UI layer written as a single page app in JS and communicate with their backend using REST. Let’s explore the process of designing the REST API for such an app. First, let’s see how a single endpoint description could look like: Update a […]


API landscape 2015: Swagger, Hypermedia & Microservices

Joint conferences API Days and API Strategy & Practice took place during the last weekend in  Berlin. We’ve had the pleasure of spending great time with the people at the epicenter of the exploding API ecosystem. Read to learn what are the hot topics and possible implications for your apps. API explosion With the continued march of mobile platforms, accelerated by […]