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Spot Performance Issues Before They Arise: Effective Performance Monitoring with Gatling and ELK

Performance is a complicated beast. Each step in the problem solving chain of performance issues – identification, diagnosis, rectification and verification, pose unique challenges. This post will deal with themes from the first two steps, and is aimed at teams who are already conducting some form of performance testing1. Even if you do have tests […]


Tackling a 1 Billion Member Social Network – Fast Search on a Large Graph

At Evojam we always seize opportunities for R&D. So when a former client asked us for cooperation on an existing project, which involved a 1 billion member social network, we jumped at the opportunity. We joined the team and did our best to fix bugs and solve data consistency, performance and reliability issues. Additionally, we […]


Keep Your Library Simple: Scala API Design Case Study

We’ve been using Play Framework with Elasticsearch and elastic4s for a while. Getting it all to work together requires some boilerplate code, though. We decided to create a small library that would make things easier in future projects. We learned some lessons about building Scala libraries along the way.