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Tackling a 1 Billion Member Social Network – Fast Search on a Large Graph

At Evojam we always seize opportunities for R&D. So when a former client asked us for cooperation on an existing project, which involved a 1 billion member social network, we jumped at the opportunity. We joined the team and did our best to fix bugs and solve data consistency, performance and reliability issues. Additionally, we […]


MongoDB Scala Drivers Microbenchmark: ReactiveMongo vs Scala/Java Driver

If you want to connect your Scala application to MongoDB you have two choices, really. You can use the official driver, which comes in two flavors (Java Async Driver or Scala driver, which is just a facade with RxScala API). Alternatively you can go with ReactiveMongo, a completely new approach built on top of Akka. […]


Open Source Async MongoDB driver for Scala & Play Framework (early version)

UPDATE: This driver is no longer developed. Our recent microbenchmarks show that the current versions of Java driver are no longer inferior in terms of speed. There is even an official Scala driver, which is really just a small facade built on top of the async Java driver. Rationale behind this decision can be found […]